Welcome to our surgery camp in rural Tanzania

Take an interactive tour of our temporary operating theatre, and find out how people’s lives are transformed in this room.

The Chunyu ward office in southern Tanzania is located down a bumpy dirt track.

A few days ago it was just a village community hall, but it has now been transformed into a temporary eye surgery camp so that patients in remote communities can get the treatment they need.

Dr Lukanga and his team never turn a patient away and will do as many operations as required, meaning they work very long days. On the day we visited, when patients Aluna and Mayasa had their operations, he worked from dawn until dusk to ensure that all 12 patients who needed surgery could be treated.

We built this interactive image to show how sight-saving operations can change lives and wipe out trachoma in Tanzania. Click on items to find out what they are used for, and read the messages from Dr Lukanga to learn more about his work.

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