Join our fight to end trachoma

The changing climate in some of Zimbabwe's most remote communities is helping trachoma to thrive. Will you help us reach children like Bretty who are living in pain?

A young boy, Bretty, looks at the camera while sat on the ground outside a doorway.

Can you help us restore dreams for children like Bretty?


Instead of being full of life, like a young child should be, all you could see when you looked at Bretty was his misery – it was etched deeply into his face.

We met Bretty in the remote Mbire district of Zimbabwe. Hotter weather and longer droughts are having a devastating impact on the region. With little access to safe water to drink, wash or even to grow crops, the dry, dusty conditions are catastrophic for families in remote villages – and they allow trachoma to thrive.

The conditions aggravated Bretty’s eyes, causing his confidence and spirit to fade. His eyes were constantly weeping and he was in so much pain he couldn’t concentrate in school. Bretty dreamt of becoming a pilot, but he couldn’t even watch the planes overhead – it was too painful to look up into the sky.

Fortunately, despite all of the challenges of reaching people in rural Zimbabwe, we were able to reach Bretty before the painful trachoma infection could develop into trichiasis, which can ultimately lead to blindness.

A young boy, Bretty, has ointment applied to his trachoma infected eye.
Just one tube of antibiotic ointment was enough to clear up Bretty’s trachoma and free him from pain, giving him the opportunity to follow his dreams.

Sadly, there are many more children like Bretty who need our help.

Trachoma especially affects the most remote, hard-to-reach areas of Zimbabwe. Bretty’s village is at the end of a confusing maze of winding, dusty tracks and it is in these rural areas that senior programmes lead, Peter Bare, works tirelessly to reach those that need support. He said:

I know there are people in rural areas who need our help. They are in excruciating pain.

With resources more stretched than ever due to the extra challenges posed by COVID-19, we need your support to reach children like Bretty – and save them from lifelong blindness. Please will you help to free more children from trachoma?

Please help children like Bretty

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could help treat 165 children like Bretty, with the antibiotics needed to end the agony of trachoma.

could provide eye health screenings for 56 children to identify conditions like trachoma.

could help pay for life-changing surgery for two people suffering with trichiasis, the most severe form of trachoma.

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