One mother's story: Patience

Last year Patience was told that her 18-month-old daughter Benedicta needed an operation to stop her from going blind. Read her account of the operation that changed her daughter's life.

My name is Patience Adjo Akakpo. I am 19 years old and live with my daughter and her grandmother in Trom, outside Koforidua, in Ghana.

My daughter Benedicta is 18 months old. A while ago I noticed that she was having problems getting around. She was not very sure about walking and held her hands in front of herself. I took her to the hospital to see what was wrong. There I was told that she had cataract in both eyes and that if her eyes were not operated on, she might go blind.

The surgery took place soon after at the hospital. After the operation I was allowed to see Benedicta. I fed her and let her rest.

The next day, both Benedicta and I were very tired. Benedicta hadn't slept well and had torn off her bandage, so they wrapped a bigger bandage around her head to keep the eye patch in place. The doctor said that the surgery had gone well and told me about the medication I had to give Benedicta over the next week. The other eye could be operated on in a few months.

When we came home, Benedicta was running about happily. She was so pleased to be home with her grandmother again. Although I was worried at first about taking Benedicta to the hospital, I am so happy. Now that Benedicta will be able to see better, her whole future will be better.

I just want my daughter to have the best chances in life. That’s why I will take her back to have her other eye operated on.

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