Sorufa's story

80-year old widow Sorufa has five daughters and one son, and lives in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was born, raised and married here, but a place she once knew so well became more hazardous as she began to lose her sight to cataract.  

Sorufa had suffered cataract in both of her eyes for many years. The cloud across her vision began to affect her every day life as she lost her ability to see the people around her and move around freely, "I couldn't see the roads," she says. "One time I fell over and injured my knees, which is still very painful for me."  

As the years passed, she began to rely more heavily on her family to help her get around safely. Then she was identified for cataract surgery by a local Sightsavers partner. Before the operation she was afraid that she might not be able to see again, but her fears were soon forgotten as the bandages were gently peeled away from her eyes to reveal a clear vision of the people around her for the first time in years. 

Life after surgery

Sorufa's world has been transformed, "Since I've had the cataract operation I can walk alone and do my daily activities. The first thing I saw after surgery were lights and people, I was very happy that I could see again," she smiles.

As Sorufa re-discovers the world around her and the simple joy of seeing the people she loves, she clearly couldn't be happier to have her independence again. "If I didn’t have the surgery I would have faced lots of problems. Now I feel very happy.”

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