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Belize High Commissioner podcast

Kamela Palma, the High Commissioner of Belize, talks about her involvement with Sightsavers' partner the Belize Council for Visually Impaired (BCVI).

Dr Wahid on blindness in Bangladesh

Country Director of Sightsavers in Bangladesh, Dr Wahidul Islam, talks about the scale of blindness in Bangladesh, and what Sightsavers is doing to combat this.

Sightsavers in Pakistan

Listen to Niaz Ullah Khan, Country Director of Sightsavers in Pakistan, giving an overview of our work there.

Singing Louis Braille's praises

Ketan Kothari from Sightsavers in south India talks about the difference Braille has made to his life.

Transport in Liberia

George Forpoh, Country Director for Sightsavers in Liberia, talks about a troublesome journey he had in south-east Liberia, and about how difficult it is to get around in this region.

UN Convention on Disability

Diane Mulligan, who works on social inclusion issues, talks about the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, and explains the impact it will have on the visually impaired people we work with.

Women and blindness podcast

Adelaide Addo-Fening, Sightsavers' Director of International Programme Operations, talks about why there are twice as many blind women in the world than men.

Sightsavers in Zambia podcast

Country Director of Sightsavers in Zambia, Joseph Musanje talks about Sightsavers' work in this vast and beautiful country in southern Africa.

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